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Technical Analyst Job Interview Questions

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If you are interviewing or hiring for an Technical Analyst position, you may want to read this post. Below are some good job interview questions for an accounting job.

7 Technical Analyst Job Interview Questions

Provide an example of a time when you provided tier three, specialized technical support, advice and guidance to internal customers in the areas of WAN/LAN, applications, telecommunications, databases, and related enterprise computing systems?

What is your experience in troubleshooting and maintenance of servers, user devices and communication links to assure operational availability?

Provide examples of experience with maintenance’s of the local/wide area networks, variety of Windows servers and desktop applications, and providing standards for installation and on-going support?

What do you do to keep abreast of changing technologies? What hardware/software do you have experience working with?

Describe some of the documentation you have created and maintained (standards/best practices particularly on Linux Infrastructure)?

Describe your working knowledge with infrastructure architecture including Server Hardware and Partitioning, High Availability and Clustering, SAN, Storage, RDMS, Messaging, Systems Management (Openview), Security, Backups, etc. on Linux and HP-UX?

Do you have experience as a team lead on technical initiatives and projects; What was the size of the team? Did you mentor junior members?