Insurance Job Interview Questions

Job interview questions created specifically for Insurance jobs. These are sample job interview questions asked by top employers within the insurance and assurance industry.

Was there any part of your job at your previous employer that came easier to you than to other people? How did you learn it?

How often do you have to correct minor grammatical errors while typing? What types of corrections?

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Bonus Questions

  • Are you willing to relocate?
  • What decisions are the toughest for you to make? Why? Give an example.
  • What do you think of your previous boss?

Daily Interview Tip

Ask a friend to assess the impression you make, which is ideally one of poise and polish rather than visible anxiety or over-confidence. When talking about your last employer, never run down or say anything negative about anybody or anyone. The employer will feel that you will do it to them. When looking for work, don't be afraid to discuss a setback or ask for a pep talk.