Insurance Job Interview Questions

Job interview questions created specifically for Insurance jobs. These are sample job interview questions asked by top employers within the insurance and assurance industry.

What did you like least about your last job?

To what extent have you worked in very unpleasant conditions heat, dust, noise, etc.)? How did you cope? Give examples.

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Bonus Questions

  • Why did you resign from your previous job?
  • Contrast a sale that you made with a sale that you lost. What did you do differently in these two situations?
  • Tell me about a time when you went beyond the call of duty.

Daily Interview Tip

Think before you answer, it is quite acceptable to pause before responding in order to organize your thoughts. The key to successful phone interviews is a confident voice tone and intelligent responses to some set questions. When getting feedback on your interview, avoid any question that sounds like a challenge, such as, "why wasn't I selected?" The questions "what did I do wrong?" and "what were my weaknesses at interview?" still sound too assertive.