Insurance Job Interview Questions

Job interview questions created specifically for Insurance jobs. These are sample job interview questions asked by top employers within the insurance and assurance industry.

What's the most difficult decision you've made in the last two years and how did you come to that decision?

What sources of information have you used to solve problems? Tell me about a time when you used one of these sources.

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Bonus Questions

  • Give me some examples of the most complex assignments, projects, etc., you have had. What was your role? How did it work out?
  • We've all tried different ways of showing consideration for others. In what ways have you shown consideration? Give an example.
  • What have you done for your co-workers or direct reports to support their development? How many of your subordinates will be ready for promotion in the next year? How do you know?

Daily Interview Tip

Interviews in the private sector vary from the well-planned assessment day, with group tasks and a panel interview, to a more hurried, informal chat with your potential line manager. Watch out for unpredictable factors that can influence the outcome. Information interviews are often done by telephone, but some people may prefer to meet you face to face. A great way to prepare for your interview is to visit libraries and bookstores also have books with possible interview questions.