Insurance Job Interview Questions

Job interview questions created specifically for Insurance jobs. These are sample job interview questions asked by top employers within the insurance and assurance industry.

Have you ever faced an ethical or value conflict in your job? Explain. How did you react?

What did you consider when setting up your class schedule?

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Bonus Questions

  • What are your goals for yourself for the next 10 years?
  • If I called your boss right now and asked him what is an area that you could improve on, what would he say?
  • Do you have long- and short-term goals for your department? How did you set them?

Daily Interview Tip

Give the interviewer a reason to like you. Be enthusiastic about the role and the company, and appear motivated about how you can contribute to its success. A great way to learn more about a profession is to network with those in a particular career or a specific occupation. Drive or travel the route a day or two ahead, at the same time of day as you will on the day of the interview.