Insurance Job Interview Questions

Job interview questions created specifically for Insurance jobs. These are sample job interview questions asked by top employers within the insurance and assurance industry.

What were your most memorable accomplishments with your last employer?

Do you think an organization like yours discourages people from taking risks? How has this affected you? Tell me about a particular time when it affected you.

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Bonus Questions

  • How did your sales last year/this year compare to those of other people. How do you account for the differences?
  • Have you ever received feedback from your boss on your organization skills? What courses have you taken to attain or improve your knowledge and skills? Why?
  • Do you have a system to follow up on assignments that you delegate? Give some examples of times when you used this system.

Daily Interview Tip

Ask the interviewer questions that show your knowledge of the organization or its market. Here's the process you should follow to prepare for your interview: Select your interview questions and their order. Record yourself asking these questions. Get the footage onto a computer to act as a virtual interviewer. Record yourself answering the questions. Play it back and review your performance. Let your personality shine. If you