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Insurance Claims CSR Job Interview Questions

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An Insurance Claims CSR is often the first point of contact and face of an insurance company.  Typically working in a call centre environment, an Insurance Claims CSR takes incoming calls, makes outgoing calls, provides assistance to customers to process claims and updates customer records.  A customer service rep in the insurance industry can work for employers including Allstate, StateFarm, AIA, J.G. Wentworth, and so forth.

Below are Job Interview Questions for an Insurance Claims CSR.  Review these questions before your next job interview and make sure you prepare an example to support your response.

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Insurance Claims CSR Job Interview Questions

An Insurance Claims CSR sometimes needs to influence customers to use preferred methods to expedite claims processes.  Tell me about a time when you influenced a customer to a desired outcome.  How did you accomplish this?  What methods did you use?

This position works in a busy insurance office.  To meet our performance objectives, Our Insurance Customer Service Reps need the ability to multitask, talk-type during customer calls, typing at 25 words per minute is required.  What is your typing speed?  Describe your experience with talking and typing.

Describe your experience and training related to policy/coverage, first notice of loss and existing claims on multiple personal  lines of coverage.

Tell me about your understanding in the relationships between estimates, severities and bottom-line results.

This role requires the use of multiple claims automation and related systems, some DOS and some windows-based, applications/systems aptitude is a must.  Describe your experience with computer and computer applications.

Concise and accurate documentation practices is vital when performing duties like issuing payment on glass and tow claims, updating claims files, coding etc.  How do you keep track of all the details of your work to make sure nothing is missed?

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