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In a recent article, we covered the basics of positive body language for job interviews. It is easy to forget the importance of body language in interviews since most of us have enough on our minds in an interview. However, body language in job interviews is absolutely critical to success. Many communication experts like the well-known research conducted by Dr Albert Mehrabian (page 3) at UCLA reveals that words accounts for only 7 percent of the total communication. That is over 9% of communication is non-verbal (facial expressions, responsible for 55 percent of the total impact of the message, tone of voice for 38 percent, and other forms of body language). Further, studies like have shown when a recipient believes there is a discrepancy between a verbal and non-verbal message, it is the non-verbal message that is trusted as the truth.

While this information may seem surprising, intuitively it makes a lot of sense. Thousands of years before the birth of verbal language, we had to rely on non-verbal communication just like any other creature in the animal kingdom. This evolutionary instinct is still very prevalent still, for example if you asked a co-worker whether or not they liked your “Flock of Seagulls” hair cut and they reply “yes” but their body language would indicate otherwise, what would you trust to be their true opinion? (For those who are not aware, Flock of Seagulls was popular 8’s band.)

So If you trust body language more than words then why would an interviewer or hiring manager be any different? So remember to pay attention to what your body is communicating the next time you are in an interview, since the interviewer is surely paying attention.