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The title of this pages bit of the misnomer, I’m not really going to answers to job interview questions.  The reason is, it’s impossible for anyone to provide you answers to job interview questions.  The reason is the best answers to job interview questions are based on your unique work experience and supported by specific and unique examples that you provide.  So, now that you know what you are not going to learn, let me tell you what you will learn.


This website will teach you techniques and strategies on how to answer any job interview question that will come your way.  You will learn structured approaches, techniques and strategies that can be applied to any job interview question.  This method allows you to incorporate your own unique work experience and provide concrete examples to convince an employer that you are the one the hire without providing you generic answers.  Trust me, seasoned hiring managers can tell right away when the applicant is providing stock answers.  The easiest way to determine this is to ask probing questions for more details and to ask for specific examples.  So you don’t want to be caught providing a stock answer.


Below you’ll learn the common types of interview questions along with strategies and approaches on how to answer them.