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Job Interview Coaching Success in Calgary

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Congratulations You Got the Interview!!! Now What….

Sarah came to us from Calgary, Alberta looking for a job interview coach to help with her up coming interview with Canada Border Services Agency. It was her dream to be a Border Officer, as such she had spent the last few years working on strengthening her application. When not at her day job as a teacher, Sarah was working on obtaining qualifications such as her physical fitness, firearms training, a second language and so forth during evening and weekends. This hard work and dedication paid off and she was invited to a job interview.

Preparation is the Key to a Successful Job Interview

When I first met I asked Sarah what she had already done to prepare for her interview. As a job interview coach and hiring professional, this is the kind of question I ask my clients to gauge their ethics, dedication and comfort around their job interview skills. More often than not, the more work someone has put into preparing him or herself, the greater chance of success he or she will have. When a candidate says that they have done nothing to prepare for their job interview, it usually does not turn out so well for them. Anyway, Sarah indicated that she, “has gone to all the bookstores in Calgary and read a lot of books with job interview questions and tips, researched on the internet to get free job interview advice and tips and so forth”. When I asked what her main objective was with our coaching service, she explained that, “I have done as much as I can on my own, reading books and researching. But I need some practice answering actual interview questions. And I would like to get some professional advice on how I can improve”

The Best Thing About Being a Job Interview Coach

As a job interview coach, I enjoy meeting job seekers from all parts of Canada and the USA. I have met job seekers from Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco to name a few. What I enjoy most is helping someone achieve their career goals.

So what happened to Sarah? Well I have attached a note she sent me a few weeks after her job interview:

I heard back from border services today & I passed the interview with flying colors. Yeh!!! I now have psychological test to do, then I go in to the pool to wait for an opening to come up. I probably won’t be going until May. I heard that only 3% of the people pass the written test and out of those people on 2% of them pass the interview.

Again, thanks very much for all your help. It was really helpful to have you coach me and prepare me for the interview. If you ever need me to be a reference for your company, please do not hesitate to ask.

I’ll keep you informed on when I actually go to class.

Thanks for all your help,