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On sample interview question, you will find sample interview questions for almost every job. We also provide information on how to ace a job interview, example questions and answers.

If you are looking for a sample interview questions for a specific job use the menu on the left hand side to view sample interview questions for jobs like nursing interviews, sales interviews, accounting interviews, teachers interviews, medical interviews and more.

The sample questions provided are are ones currently used by today’s HR professionals, hiring managers and high profile employers.   Use these questions to prepare for your job interview.

Remember:  Preparation is the key to success when it comes to job interviews.  Being prepared for your job interview increases your chances that you will get the job offer.

Free Job Interview Questions, Answers, Advice, Tips & More


Real-Life Examples

The practical interview tips provided here are based on real life job interview stories* that I will share with you.  Each lesson will centre around an actual interview, I will share provide you an overview of the interview, the candidate and the post interview discussion with the hiring managers .  In this way, you will have the chance to be inside the interview room and sit on the other side of the interview table.  Get a unique glimpse of what hiring managers look for, why candidates get by passed and how you can ace your next interview.

How to Ace Your Job Interview?

Job Interviewing is a critical skill. Job Interviewing like any other skill requires preparation and practice.  Mastering this skill means that you have a tool to open doors to career opportunities that would not have otherwise existed.  It is a skill that you will take with you through out your career.

Most people are not that good in job interviews and why should they be?  How could you master a skill that often you have only had a chance to perform a handful of times?  What’s more, interviewers never give you honest feedback on why you didn’t get the job or how you can improve your interviewing skills when you are bypassed for the positions.  Given this, how could you expect to improve a skill that you do not practice frequently and do not get coaching on?

Ironically, most job applicants over estimate their own interview skill.  Research studies show that applicants frequently over estimate their own interview skill level but then fail to demonstrate that skill level (HRinmotion, 25, “Unskilled and Unaware” – Perceived vs Demonstrated Skill)

To learn more about how to ace your job interview, please checkout our job interview guide at interview tips page. You can also search for sample interview questions through our search on top right bar or via the side navigation.


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