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So the big question is how do you get a job interview? So I was talking to a career coach recently and asked that very question.  I asked her how do you make a great impression to a potential employer?  One great idea is to reach out to your alumni Association or professional networks. The thing is alumni associations and graduation type networks are the kinds of people that you want to reach out to. And the best way to introduce yourself construct is to striek a conversation and introduce yourself to the person you want to talk to.  Tell the person you want to learn more about the career, be genuine and chances are there will help you.  If you do this, chances are you’re getting into a new career that you never thought possible.

Today it’s very difficult to know how to reach out to someone, with e-mail, text message, and phone calls. The answer is that you should really use various forms of communication, e-mail, text, phone call and so forth. It’s important for you to know how to search the Internet to look for jobs online via big job sites but also to network with friends and other colleagues to learn how to network with people and learn how to position yourself as someone to hire. It’s important that you know how to pitch yourself in a short period of time to make yourself very attractive to a potential employer.

What if you’re one of those people that have been in the workforce for a long time, what should you do? I think it’s really important that if you’re in the situation you should really have a good sense of where you’re at terms of your skills and the current competencies that you have. It’s important that you understand what skills you do have to offer one experiences that you do have. And if you recognize the things that you don’t have for instance if you’re not getting with computers and so forth it’s important that you go back to school there to do something to learn that these kinds of skill sets. So take classes read books and so forth that to cover the skills that you don’t have. By covering and enhancing and improving the kind of areas that are unique kisses you will be able to string in your self as a potential person hire. And remember to be hopeful and optimistic because there are lots of employers nowadays with programs designed a higher people that have been laid off for a long time, mothers of taken time off to raise families and returning to work.

So what if you’ve applied to many jobs and haven’t heard back from anyone? The first thing you should know is that you should not take any thing personally. As an HR professional I can tell you firsthand that many very qualified candidates are passed over and the reason is quite simple. Almost always there is only one or two job openings and hundreds of applicants. Reality is that there is more people than there are positions and therefore since you can only choose one person that means someone else in fact the rest of them have to be turned away. For you is the job secrets important that you know not to take anything personally. Stay hopeful, build a network of people that can be supportive and incurs you in your job search.

The saying goes, “It is not what you known but who you know”. And so it’s very important for you to try to brainstorm a list of contacts in the company that you’re trying to apply to. So if you know somebody in that company or you can find a way to meet someonen, and it’s always advantageous for your application.

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