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Laboratory Supervisor Job Interview Questions – Toxicology & Special Chemistry

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A Lab Supervisor manages the work of employees in a testing laboratory. Often directing the work of Medical Technologists and other Lab Technicians, the Lab Supervisor is responsible for the quality, service, and costs of lab operations.

Laboratory Supervisor job interviews focus not only on assessing the specialized area of knowledge but also the management competencies required to lead a team of technicians, technologists and other direct reports.

In fact, most candidates who interview for a Lab Supervisor position more often fail due weak responses to the management questions rather than to the technical questions. As such we will focus on the questions used to assess the management competencies of a Lab Supervisor. The questions below have a special focus on the area of Toxicology & Special Chemistry.

Laboratory Supervisor Job Interview Questions – Toxicology & Special Chemistry

Describe your experience managing Toxicology and Special Chemistry Departments

Tell me about your background in drug screening, GC/MS confirmation, HPLC, Hemoglobinopathy, Protein Electrophoresis, and IFE.

As a Laboratory Supervisor, you will be required to lead a team of direct reports including lab technicians and technologists.  How would your former direct reports describe your leadership style?

The ability to manage your team’s performance is vital to success.  Tell me about a time when a lab technician or lab technologist was struggling to meet work standards or objectives.  How did you handle this?

Thinking back to some of the lab teams you have led, tell me about the weakest member of the team.  What do you think was the cause of this poor performance?  What did you do to address this issue?

How do you ensure you hire the right candidate when hiring a lab tech, technologist, etc.?

Sometimes as a Lab Supervisor, you will have to implement or enforce unpopular ideas or policies. Describe a time when you had to enforce an unpopular policy.

How do you motivate an unmotivated team member?  Can you provide an example?