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Correctional Officer, Corrections Officer, CSC, CUSA Job Interview Questions

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A correctional service officer plays a key role in protecting the public. They accomplish this by guarding and escorting prisoners and detainees. Supervise correctional institutions, maintain order and manage disturbances. Most corrections officers work in federal, provincial and municipal correctional organizations (For example, CSC or Correctional Service Canada, Corrections USA or CUSA, NYS Department of Correctional Services, etc) .

Are you an aspiring corrections officer? Have you submitted your resume, completed the exams, and physicals? Are you waiting for your interview? This post is focused on job interview questions specifically for the corrections officer position.

Read the questions below before your next interview and consider your response. Prepare an example to back up your answers. A good example makes a good job interview answer a great job interview answer.

Correctional Officer, Corrections Officer Job Interview Questions

List 5 qualities that are required to be a successful corrections officer. Of these 5 which one represents your greatest weakness?

A good correctional officer needs conflict resolution skills. Describe a situation when you had to deal with an angry and even abusive customer, client, or member of the public. How did you handle this?

Corrections officer must enforce rules that inmates don’t like. Tell me about a time when you had to enforce an unpopular rule or implement an unpopular program or initiative at work.

Corrections officer must enforce rules that they themselves don’t agree with. Tell me about a time when you had to enforce an unpopular rule that you disagreed with.

The ability to assess a situation and act decisively is vital since a correctional officer must respond to emergencies, such as riot, hostage taking, and so forth. Give me an example of a time when you had to assess a situation and take action quickly.

Being observant and safe is extremely important as a correctional officer. Tell me about a time when you recognized an dangerous situation before anyone else did. How did you respond?

Accidents happen. What types of accidents have you been involved with?

Working in corrections requires you to be fit. What do you do to stay fit and active?

Ethics and integrity is a required trait in order to be successful as an corrections officer. Suppose a few of your fellow officers invite you to a party. And at the party you observe a corrections officer smoke marijuana. You are all off duty, what do you do? Role play your response with me.

Being a correctional officer can be a stressful job at times.  Can you tell me about the most stressful job you have been in?  What made it stressful for you?  How did you know you were stressed?  How did you manage this stress?

Since entering the field, how have you prepared yourself to be a better corrections officer? For example, have you furthered your skills in areas such as weapons, self-defense, first aide training, etc.

Corrections or correctional services can have many career opportunities.  Below are job titles related to the correctional officer job to show you how many opportunities there are in this field.

Correctional Officer Related Job Titles

convict guard

correctional facility guard

correctional institution guard

correctional institution head matron

correctional officer

correctional officers supervisor

correctional service officer

correctional services unit supervisor

corrections officer

detention attendant

detention guard

guard, correctional facility

guard, correctional institution

head correctional officer

head matron – correctional service

institution guard – correctional service

jail guard


matron – correctional service

penal institution guard

penitentiary guard

prison guard

prison officer

reformatory guard

supervisor, correctional officers