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Police Officer Job Interview Questions – Law Enforcement

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So you want to be a cop?  You want to join the RCMP, Municipal Police, or some other law enforcement agency?  You have to go through a lot to get through the hiring process.  You have to attend the information nights, complete the intensive application packages, fitness exams, physical and medical exams, written exams, psychological tests, field investor’s background search, lie detectors. Depending on the agency this could take months or maybe even a year or more.  Even now with the RCMP new and improved accelerated process the time line can be 8 days!

And don’t limit yourself to the traditional policing agencies like the RCMP.  The Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority Police service, the Transit Police are a new agency that might provide a great career option.  There may be more openness to new ideas especially since the agency is relatively new.  Likewise, the CPR or Canadian Pacific Railway police and the Canadian National Rail or CN police are options to consider if you are interested in law enforcement.  By considering the policing agencies, you expand your career options.

So if you have a job interview lined up, this post is for you.  Below are job interview questions for aspiring cops, police officers, or Mounties.  Considering the intensive hiring process is and all you have invested a lot into this career choice, it might be beneficial for you to review these questions.

Depending on the employer and department, Police Officers may also be called:

  • RCMP officer
  • community relations officer
  • constable
  • crime prevention constable
  • detective
  • harbour police officer
  • highway patrol officer
  • military police officer
  • police cadet
  • police diver
  • police officer
  • police sergeant
  • railway police officer

Police Officer Job Interview Questions – Law Enforcement

Responsibility is an important component of being a police officer.  Have you ever taken out a student loan, mortgage, or car loan?  Did you repay it on time?

Do you have any outstanding loans now?  How much money is left on your loan?

As a police officer, you may be required to use lethal force if the situation requires it.  Are you prepared to use lethal force if required?  Are you prepared to discharge your firearm with lethal intent?

Police officers need to be able to handle conflict.  Tell me about a time when you had to resolve conflict with someone?

Give me an example of a situation when you had to deal with someone who was irate and being hostile with you?

Suppose you were on duty working at a roadside check for impaired driving and your brother comes across your stop.  You ask him how much he has had to drink and he tells you only a couple of drinks and tells you “to relax”.  But you have reason to believe that he has had more.
How would you handle this?

Policing can be a physically demanding job.  What do you do to keep health and in shape?

Is there any thing that would prevent you from meeting the physical requirements of law enforcement?

Police officers are often the subject of public scrutiny.  Do you have anything in your background that would concern us?

For Regional Policing:

Why do you want to serve as a police officer for this particular region or municipality?

Who are the mayor, the premier, and the police chief for this region?

National or Provincial Police Force

Examples of national or provincial policing agencies include RCMP, OPP or Ontario Provincial Police, and RNC or Royal Newfoundland Constabulary.

If hired, we try to place you close to your home or preferred locations.  However, there is a chance you may be placed in another location.  Are you willing to re-locate from your current residence?  Have you spoken to family or friends or significant others about this?  What have you done to prepare for this possibility?