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Royal Canadian Mounted Police or RCMP Job Interview Questions

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The RCMP or Royal Canadian Mounted Police is a symbol of Canada.  Mounties or in french Gendarmerie royale du Canada ( GRC) are police officers who enforce federal and provincial law.  As such RCMP work at the federal and municipal level of policing.

Today’s post is focused on job questions specifically for the RCMP police.  So if you are an aspiring mountie, then you should read this post before your interview.  Remember, it is not only important to prepare your answer but also to prepare an example.  We at believe a good job interview answer becomes a great job interview answer with an example to illustrate your answer.

Also remember to practice for role plays.  Increasingly, employers such as customs and border, law enforcement, etc. are using role plays to allow applicants to demonstrate their skill.  So it would be wise to prepare to role play your answers.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police or RCMP Job Interview Questions

List five traits that are needed to be a successful RCMP.  Of these, which one is your weakness?

The RCMP is required to uphold law at the federal, provincial and municipal level.  As such a Mountie should be prepared to work anywhere in Canada.  Are you prepared to work anywhere in Canada?

Responsibility is a key trait to a successful Royal Canadian Mounted Police or RCMP officer. What kind of financial loans do you have? How much did you borrow? How long ago did you borrow this money? How much have you paid back? What is your plan to pay this back?

As an RCMP officer or Mountie, you are required to carry a firearm to protect yourself, and/or the community. You must also be prepared to discharge a firearm to protect yourself and others from bodily harm and death. Are you able to meet these requirements?

The ability to quickly evaluate situations and provide an appropriate level of response is key in being a Mountie. Tell me about a time when you had to take decisive action or make a decision under pressure?

Sometimes an RCMP officer must show sensitivity and communicate difficult messages. Read the following scenario: You are a general duty RCMP constable and today you must deliver a next of kin notification. A young man died in an automobile accident today. The deceased man’s parent answers the door.

Role play this scenario, you playing the police constable and I will be the parent.

An RCMP officer must stay physically fit. What do you do to stay active and fit?

Effective teamwork is critical in law enforcement. Give me a recent example of when you helped a colleague at work.

At some time, we have all worked with someone we didn’t get along with. Tell me about a time when you didn’t get along with someone at work. What was the source of conflict? How did you handle it?

You just graduated from RCMP academy and got posted in a new station. You are new on the job, to this detachment, etc. Your field trainer a more senior police constable and fellow officers invite you to a party after work. At the party you notice your field trainer smoke marijuana. The other officers do not say anything, you are off duty. What do you do? How would you handle this situation?