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Transportation Dispatcher Job Interview Questions

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The Transportation Dispatcher is required to maintain daily schedules and dispatch and track the technicians or drivers as required for service calls. Along with dispatching calls, the dospatcher is required to schedule return trips with customers when parts are in. Maintain call schedule for service technicians, Maintain customer database and internal payrol and administration. Below are a few job interview questions a job seeker may be asked during an interview for a Transportation Dispatcher .

Transportation Dispatcher Job Interview Questions:

The Transportation Dispatcher will be required to manage the billing procedures for different clients. In addition to price tickets, the Dispatcher will enter issue slips and create service reports. Please provide us with a work related experience where you had to manage daily billing? What system did you use and create to track reports and client billing?

Receive calls from the service crews throughout the day (majority will be and keeping track of crew location, job status, and crew needs is essential in a Dispatchers day to day job requirement. Provide us an example of your multi-tasking skills. How do you handle multiple concurrent tasks at a single time and how do you determine which is of highest and lowest priority?

In addition to receiving dispatch calls, the transportation dispatcher is required to input payroll information into the computer for all hourly employees at his/her via computer and fax or email to corporate office weekly. Tell us about your experience with payroll and payroll systems? How proficient are you with MS excel spreadsheets and other MS tools? How do you ensure all hours you collect for payroll are correct?

The Dispatcher is required to service the materials needs of the crews. At the start of each shift the Dispatcher will hand out requested supplies to the crews (the majority of handling will occur at this time). Throughout
the day the Dispatcher will be required to locate requested materials and provide these for the crews.

Scenario: You have a busy day and the phone is ringing off the hook. You have to dispatch three delivery pick-ups for your drivers, fix some input issues with payroll and provide a weekly report to the manager before the end of the day. It is currently noon (usual lunch hour) and you have 4 hours to go before the end of business hours. How do you handle the tasks at hand? How do you determine which task to complete first? What tools do you use to help you prioritize?

Transportation Dispatcher can be called by MANY job titles. Here are some job titles related to the Transportation Dispatcher:

  • 911 dispatcher
  • alarm system dispatcher
  • ambulance dispatcher
  • emergency vehicle dispatcher
  • inbound/outbound freight co-ordinator
  • mobile equipment dispatcher
  • radio operator
  • taxi dispatcher
  • tow truck dispatcher
  • truck dispatcher
  • utilities maintenance crew dispatcher
  • transportation dispatcher
  • vehicle dispatcher
  • motor vehicle dispatcher