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Are you a professional in the Marketing industry looking for a better job?  Maybe it’s been a while since you have interviewed for a job.  Well it’s always a good idea to sharpen your interview skills when you are job searching.  Below are job interview questions for various positions in the marketing industry.

Recently I decided to survey five marketing professionals who held hiring positions and I asked him what they were looking for in the people they hired and what kinds of questions he asked in their job interviews.  Interestingly, there is a common set of skill sets that they were all looking for, whether it was a senior marketing job or a marketing intern.  Below is a summary of what they had to say.


Goal Oriented.

All the marketing hiring managers that I spoke to overwhelmingly indicated that they were looking for an individual who is goal oriented.  All confirmed that questions related to goal orientation were asked in their job interviews.  So how should you answer these types of job interview questions?  The best thing to do is to give a few examples of some of the major goals you set for yourself in the last year or two.  Make sure you describe what the goal is, your plan to achieve these goals, and above all, make sure you speak to how to achieve these goals successfully.  But what if you have an example where you tried, but for some reason achieve this goal?  That would still make a great job interview answer.  But is important, that if you do provide an example where you didn’t achieve your goal that you don’t make any excuses.  Rather, you should speak to what you’ve learnt and how you would do differently in order to have success if you would get a second chance.

Great examples to demonstrate goal achievement and come not only from worklife, but can come from your personal life, and to your academic life.  A great job interview answer could be that he’s set a goal to achieve a certain GPA, or perhaps you entered athletic event such as the half marathon, bike ride, etc.

Relationship Building And Retention Skills

Here is another massively important item that all these marketing hiring professionals looking for in their recruits.  Relationship building and retention skills are critical to the success of any marketing professional.  You can be sure to expect questions in your marketing job interview to assess your ability in this area.  So how should you answer these kinds of questions?

The best way to answer these kinds of questions in your marketing job interview is to describe your successful results.  Think about your previous work experience where you had to establish and build relationships.  Ask yourself, “what is the outcome of building the successful relationships?”  By doing this you will, with a very solid answer.  Here’s an example of a great answer that you can provide even if you did not have any marketing experience.  For example, suppose you had experience as a server and restaurant.  A great way to to speak to your ability to build successful relationships is to describe your customer service and how you connect with customers.  But then back this answer up with real stats such as your tips as a percentage of sales.  Or perhaps you can support this answer with a couple of customer commendations or letters of recognition.  By doing this, you will prove to a prospective employer that you are relationship Pro.

Developing And Implementing The Marketing Plan

This next point really applies to more senior positions, but employers may also look for this quality in marketing interns because they’re looking to hire for the future.  While talking about is the ability to develop and implement plans.  Planning ability, is key in the marketing industry.  Because marketing professionals are required to develop and implement marketing plans.  So if you are asked this kind of job interview question don’t just describe your ability, make sure you can back it up with a few examples where you implemented a plan successfully to meet budget and timelines.  If possible, bring a sample of your previous marketing plan to the job interview to show a sample of your work.  If you do this, make sure you hide any identifiable information and/or remove any privileged information and so forth.

Marketing Knowledge

Employers look for marketing professionals that have a strong knowledge of core marketing principles.  Be sure that you speak to how you stay current in your field, list any books that you’ve read and workshops that you’ve taken in the last year to stay on top of best practices in marketing.  Make sure you are prepared to speak to your knowledge of innovative marketing tools and programs, competitive intelligence, market research.


Pitch And RFP Responses

If you can’t pitch an idea, then you shouldn’t be marketing.  I can guarantee that you will be asked questions your job interview to describe your experience making marketing pitches and respond to RFPs.  Prepare yourself these tough interview questions by making notes of the toughest presentations you had to make.  Think back to presentations where you had to convince an audience or individual who might not have been predisposed to agreeing with you.  Be sure to include and described the successful result that you achieved.



The points that we’ve covered today represent what the majority of employers look for in a marketing job interview.  Follow my recommendations, and prepare your answers and you’ll ace your marketing job interview.

Use the interview questions below to help you prepare for your next job interview.  Remember  that preparation and practice are the keys to success in an interview.