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Director of Media Relations Sample Job Interview Questions

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Director of Media Relations Sample Job Interview Questions


Looking for a senior job in the media relations industry? Remember to have examples ready to illustrate your skill in handling the media, talking under pressure on behalf of the company, and building strong media relations.   Again, make sure that you have an example from your previous work experience where you had to speak under pressure to the media or issue a statement.

Below are the top questions asked by today’s recruiters, high-profile employers, and human resource professionals. Use these questions to help you prepare for your next job interview. Until next time, I wish you much luck and success in your director of media relations career search.

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What do you know about this organization?

If you were selected as media relations director, what would be your first priority?

We are looking for someone with strong leadership skills in this Marketing role. We’ve all had occasions when we were asked for ideas in solving work issues in which we didn’t have much knowledge or experience. What have you done when this has happened?

Give an example of when you made a presentation to an uninterested or hostile audience.

We are looking for someone who can inspire clients with media knowledge and ideas. How do you get your clients inspired about your ideas?

Tell me a bit more about your experience in media planning, negotiation, implementation and performance analysis.

Describe the most complex personnel issue that you have dealt with.

Despite our expertise, sometimes our clients disagree with our advice when it comes to media plans.   How do you convince your clients to adopt your media proposals?

How do you ensure there are positive working relationships within the department?  How about with the media vendor community?

Describe a time when you weren’t sure what a customer wanted. How did you handle the situation?

What was the most complex analysis and research you have handled to determine best ad placement to meet the client’s needs?

How did you learn the more complex aspects of your job at former place of work?

What is the secret to establishing trust and credibility with clients.

Most of us have assigned work to other people, and they didn’t do what was intended. Can you tell me about a time when this happened? Why did it happen? (Look for unclear instruction, assignments to inappropriate person, or lack of due dates.)

Jobs differ in the amount of time one needs to spend at work. Tell me about a time when you were satisfied/dissatisfied with the amount of time you needed to spend at work as a Director of Media Relations. Why? Give an example.

What training have you received as a Director of Media Relations ?

Has your schedule ever been upset by unforeseen circumstances? What did you do then? Give me a recent example.