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Director, Public Relations Sample Job Interview Questions

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Director, Public Relations Sample Job Interview Questions


Wish you could know what questions would be asked in your director, public relations job interview? Well your wish has come true! Here are some common director, public relations job interview questions. Use these questions to prepare for your next job interview.

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What is your experience with preparing press releases?

How do you establish good relationships with people in the media?

Have you been responsible for print or broadcast material?

We are looking for someone with strong leadership skills in this Marketing role. Can you tell me about an experience when people outside your work group have asked for your help in solving a problem or meeting an objective. How did you react? What did you do?

What complicated problems have you had to address on your job? Describe how you identified or gained a better understanding of the problem(s). Give examples.

What technical courses have you taken as a Director, Public Relations? How difficult were they? What did you learn? To what extent did you master the subject? How do you know?

Tell me a bit more about your experience in film, slide, or other visual presentations.

When have you had to keep the public informed about the activities of the company, government agencies or officials


What do you like least about your former job? Why? Give examples.

Part of this job will be to plan conventions.  What is your experience with planning conventions?

Have you ever had to adjust your work schedule because you didn’t have all the necessary parts, materials, or equipment? Tell me about one of these situations.