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Fundraising Campaign Manager Sample Job Interview Questions

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Fundraising Campaign Manager Sample Job Interview Questions


I just finished interviewing for a fundraising position so this article is very timely.  remember to be prepared to have stats regarding your fun reading raising success.  Be prepared to explain your fundraising targets and your actual results.  Also important are the soft skills such as the ability to get along with others, resolve conflict, and teamwork.  Have examples ready that demonstrate your previous work experience and these soft skills.

Greetings, below are common currently questions asked in fundraising campaign manager job interviews. We have compiled the hottest job interview questions used by today’s employers for this position. These questions have been compiled by recruiters, hiring managers and hr pros.

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What experience do you have in this field?

Describe your experience in developing and executing fund-rasing strategy, donors and proposals and presentations.

You will be leading a team of 5 direct reports.  Tell me about when you have set priorities and goals that your direct reports did not meet.  What did you do?

Which funding proposal are you proudest of?

We are looking for someone with strong leadership skills in this Marketing role.

We are looking for someone who will overhaul our planned giving programs.  If you were put in charge, what changes would you make?

What improvements did you make in the grant process with your last employer?

What information have you been required to analyze as a Fundraising Campaign Manager? Describe one of your most difficult analyses.

What types of donor databases have you worked with?

What is the secret to establishing a successful relationship with donors?

Have you ever needed to learn new information about changing products, markets, or procedures? Tell me about one of these situations and how you learned the new information.

How do you maintain a positive relationship with a fund raising committee?

Tell me about one of the most difficult problem-solving assignments that you delegated as a fund raising Campaign Manager.

Describe a project, situation, or assignment that challenged your skills as a Fundraising Campaign Manager .