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Marketing Manager Job Interview Questions

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So you are in the market for a Marketing Manager position and don’t know what will be asked in the job interview?  Well, then you should read this post because below are job interview questions for a Marketing Manager job. The questions below are the same ones we created in working within Corporate HR.

Depending on the specific industry and particular employer, Marketing Managers may also be called:

  • Internet communications manager
  • Web communications manager
  • Web marketing manager
  • advertising director
  • advertising manager
  • corporate sales manager
  • director, communications
  • director, media relations
  • director, public relations
  • fund-raising campaign manager
  • manager, e-business
  • marketing manager
  • promotions manager
  • regional sales manager
  • sales and marketing manager

Marketing Manager Job Interview Questions

Describe a marketing project you were involved in where you were the Marketing Manager responsible for the strategic marketing direction, creation, co-ordination, development and implementation of the company’s marketing communication programs and activities? How many employees reported to you?

Marketing managers need to be able to develop and implement large marketing initiatives.  Provide us with a time when you developed creative briefs for large scale sales initiatives and new product launches (target market, key selling points, how to influence behaviour/purchasing habit). What means of communication and marketing was used effectively?

A successful Marketing Manager is able to lead teams successfully.  Describe a project in which you had to successfully lead a team of individuals? What was the project?

How do you keep up-to-date within the marketing field?

In this Marketing Manager position, you will need to manage a budget effectively.  Tell us about a time when you were given a specific budget to market a company or product. How did you decide on an effective use of the allocated budget to successfully accomplish the task? Was there any research completed?

What is your working experience with the following:
-Computer literacy in both Mac & PC platforms
-Microsoft Word,
-Microsoft Excel
-Microsoft PowerPoint
-Microsoft Outlook Express
-Microsoft Explorer.
-Adobe PhotoShop
-Adobe Illustrator

Provide us with an example of your marketing experience creating(written or design) the following:
-Web copy
-Instruction Manuals
-SEO / Keyword Analysis
-Posters / graphical design

How Did We Create These Marketing Manager Job Interview Questions and How Should You Answer?

The Marketing Manager job interview questions you see above, are created using the same methods we used as corporate HR professionals.