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Sales and Marketing Job Interview Questions – Sales Manager

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We recently got a request to do some job interview coaching for a client interviewing for a Sales Manger job.  If you are interviewing for a Sales Manager Job, you will need to read this post. Below are some job interview questions for a Sales Manager job. These questions were developed using the the same techniques we used as corporate HR to help hiring managers develop their job interview questions.

Sales Manager Job Interview Questions

Sometimes people don’t respond well to a sales performance improvement
discussion.  Could you give an example of a discussion that didn’t turn out as you had planned.  What happened?

How have you decided on sales performance goals for your subordinates? What did you do to establish these goals? Give a recent example

Tell me about some of the toughest sales presentations you have had to make.  What did you do?

Give me an example of an idea you tried to present to improve sales to your team members,but were unable to gain acceptance.  What was your approach?

To be effective in this job, you will need to be good at persuading and influencing potential clients. Give me an example of a situation where you had to convince a group of individuals to agree with you when they were not predisposed to agree with you.

Give me an example of when you overcame an objection to gain a major sale?

What was your most important sale in your career as a Sales Rep? Why was this sale so important? What did you learn from this experience?

Think of a time when a sales negotiation didn’t turn out exactly as you had
planned. Why?

More About These Questions and How to Answer Them

I focus on helping my clients learn how to handle behavioral questions that assess soft skills because I have seen so many candidates fail here.  One easy to use inteview technique to answer any behavioral question is the STAR technique.  For more information on soft skills, behavioral questions and how to answer them, see our post called Soft Skills Sells In Interviews.

For more see our articles, tips and sample resumes on our site. So until our next post, we wish you much luck and success in your career search.

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