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Sales and Marketing Job Interview Questions – Sales Representative

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Every company needs good Sales Reps, why?  Cause Sales Reps bring in the money for any company and they ARE the face of the company.  If you are interviewing for a Sales Representative or Sales Associate Job, you will need to read this post. The following job interview questions are ones we have used to hire Sales Reps.

Depending on the industry and particular employer, Sales Reps may also be called:

  • food products sales representative
  • freight sales agent
  • graphic design sales representative
  • hotel accommodations sales executive
  • liquor sales representative
  • magazine sales representative
  • oil distributor
  • periodicals sales representative
  • security services sales consultant
  • supervisor, wholesale trade representatives
  • transfer company agent

Sales Representative Job Interview Questions

To be effective in this job, you will need to be good at persuading and influencing potential clients. Give me an example of a situation where you had to convince a group of individuals to agree with you when they were not predisposed to agree with you.

Ethics are very important in the sales environment.  Suppose you saw another Sales Representative giving an unethical cash benefit, gift and so on to a client as a bribe for  making a purchase.  How would you handle this situation?

Tell me about your experience with using a full-cycle, consultative sales approach?

In your experience, describe the most important element to success in selling solutions and value.

How do you build relationships with clients in order to understand their needs and strategies?

Tell me about a time when you did not get along with another Sales Representative?  How did you resolve your problem?

Give me an example of when you overcame an objection to gain a major sale?

What was your most important sale in your career as a Sales Rep?  Why was this sale so important?  What did you learn from this experience?

Here’s your chance to sell us.  Why should we hire you as our Sales Representative?

Tell me about the toughest Sales meeting you have ever had?  Why was it so challenging?  How did you overcome the challenge?

Think of a time when a sales negotiation didn’t turn out exactly as you had
planned.  Why?

How Did We Come Up With These Questions and How Should You Answer?

The interview questions you see above, are created using the same methods we used as coporate HR professionals.

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