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Special Events Manager, Events Planning Manager, Job Interview Questions

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The Special Events Manager is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing events including: conferences, annual sales meeting, sponsorship events, training events, and other events or meetings. The Special Events Manager will liaison with selected vendors and customers regarding needs, planning and execution of events, budgets, and communication. Below are a few job questions a job seeker may be asked during an interview for a Special Events Manager.

Special Events Manager is usually employed by tourism associations, trade and professional associations, convention and conference centres, governments and by conference and event planning companies.

Special Events Manager Job Interview Questions:

Tell us about a major special event, where you managed, coordinated fundraising of a special donor events which involves decision making input on external resources, managing event processes, coordinating meetings, preparing, monitoring and distributing event budgets. What was the size of your group, budget, process taken to completion and biggest challenges?

In regards to the special events manager role, you will be responsible for the development of media, marketing materials, announcements, photo opportunities and speech writing for many of the events. Please tell us about a special event, where you coordinated multiple concurrent tasks to meet a deadline. How did you manage your time and prioritize your tasks?

Scenario: the company president has just approached you requesting a special event to be organized in 3 weeks. She has provided you with a budget of $5, and a guest list of 5 customers. It is your job as a special event manager to successfully utilize your team of 5 staff to get this done. Along with the day to day work this is a priority task. How do you successfully manage and begin organizing a theme, duties, processes etc?

As a special events manager, tell us about a project in which you had to work closely with Committee Chairs, co-facilitates and various event related committees? How do utilize your managerial and facilitation skills with the group? How have you handled group members who may not have seen eye to eye with you? Provide us with a real-life example.

The special events manager will be responsible for responding to inquiries from the public about events, including assisting with media requests. What are some of the most challenging public relations you have experiences? How do you manage to handle multiple inquiries? Have you ever dealt with a rude or difficult public individual? How did you handle the situation?

Along with dealing with the special events management responsibilities internally, you will be responsible for all communications and networking externally to build community awareness. What are some of the most creative ideas you have come up with to build community awareness with the general public for a particular event?

The special events manager must have excellent project management skills. Provide us with an example of your most memorable accomplishment where you coordinated guest lists, food service arrangements, menu planning, decorative and table set up, nametags and staffing etc.?

Special Events Manager be called by MANY job titles. Here are some related to the Special Events Manager:

  • conference and meeting planner
  • conference planner
  • conference services officer
  • convention co-ordinator
  • event planner
  • festival organizer
  • meeting planner
  • special events organizing manager
  • trade show manager
  • special events manager
  • festival organizing manager
  • event planning manager
  • event manager
  • planning manager
  • conference manager
  • meeting manager
  • convention co-ordinating manager

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