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When You Do Not Have Experience

As an HR pro, I am working with my hiring managers to hire for a fund raising professional.  The hiring manager has accepted that most of the candidates will not have all the experience that is desired.  In light of this, he is looking for an individual who is coachable and has an ability to learn quickly.


Ability to Learn

So how does this affect you?  What is the lesson learned here?  When you are applying for a job that you don’t all the experience needed, you need to show the employer that you are coachable and have the ability to learn.

So how to you convince the hiring manager that you are a quick study and are coachble?  Come to the interview prepared with examples of when you had to learn something quickly in a short period of time.  Think back to situations at work where you had taken something new on where you didn’t have experience previously.  This will show that you not only have the ability to learn but are comfortable with change.



Any manager looking to interview an applicant without all the experience in all the areas that are required have come to the acceptance that the gaps will have to be addressed with training.  So what do you think shows an employer that you are coachable?  You want to show an employer that you are self-aware and can take constructive criticism.  Be prepared with examples to show that you  are aware of your own weaknesses and how you are trying to improve.  Make sure you show them that you can recognize when  you are wrong and that you are able to see the reasons why someone disagrees with you.  Be prepared to speak to when you have made a mistake or when your idea was criticized.

The goal is not to convince an employer that you are perfect and that you have never made a mistake.  All humans make mistakes and employers know this.  So make sure that you show an employer that you will not be defensive when you or your idea is criticized.  Instead prove that when you or your idea is criticized you take the time to carefully consider the criticism and reflect on this.  Show an employer that you can see another person’s perspective and you will go a long way to showing that you are an employee who is coachable.