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Certified Home Health Aides Sample Job Interview Questions

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Passing Criminal Background Checks

Let’s talk about what you will be asked in your interview for a home health aide. There’s no getting around this, the ability to pass a criminal background check. because home health aides work with vulnerable populations, those with disabilities, seniors, and older adults, employers require all applicants to complete a criminal background check.  If you have a record there is no hiding this fact. So what can you do if you do have a criminal background criminal record?

Record Related To Work?

If you do have a criminal record, this does not mean that you were home health aide career is over.  It is important to note that if your criminal record is not related to the work you’re doing, then this may not be a cause for concern. For example, you may have a record for a driving offence. If the job you are applying to does not require driving then this will not impact your job application. However if your criminal record has to do with of a crime against the senior or older adults, assault or sexual assault, then this will impact your employment working with a vulnerable population.

Whatever the case, it’s important that you be honest in your job application and interview. You can’t hide a criminal record, and even if you tried to, eventually the employer will find out.  It can be a very small hiring community and your reputation matters more than anything else.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Experience

Home health aides work with residence in care homes very often dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Job applicants with experience working with this population are preferred. So even if you don’t have formal work experience, you may have a family member or a friend whose loved one is suffering from this type of disease. It’s important that you include this kind of experience, and all and any kind of experience/education you have working with and interacting with people who have these types of cognitive impairments.

Certified Home Health Aides Sample Job Interview Questions


Here are sample Certified Home Health Aides job interview questions designed specifically for the Nursing career. Be sure to check out more Nursing interview questions.

What types of courses have you taken on dementia and alzheimer’s?  What are the similarities and differences between the two diseases?

Describe your experience with administer special skin care as directed.

How many presentations to large or demanding groups do you make a year? What are the natures of the presentations? Tell me about the most memorable presentation.

How do you answer all patient call signals, signal lights, bells, or intercom systems?

In your view, what is the most important aspect of creating a supportive environment? Why?

Tell me a bit more about your background with administering medications or treatments, such as catheterizations, suppositories, irrigations, enemas, massages, or douches.

What advice do you have for a new aide when collecting specimens, such as urine, feces, or sputum?

What do you find most challenging when applying clean dressings, slings, stockings, or support bandages to uncooperative patients. Why?

What do you know about providing reality orientation to confused participants using appropriate interpersonal behavioral techniques?

In your last employment, how did you ensure all staff met standards with regards to clean and sanitize patient rooms, bathrooms, examination rooms, or other patient areas?