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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Sample Job Interview Questions

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Healthy And Fit

How healthy and fit are you? You might think that this is kind of a weird question to be asked in your job interview for a nursing assistant, but I can guarantee you that you will be asked this type of question. Employers want to know how healthy and fit you are because Certified Nursing Assistants do very physical work. Not many people think of this type of work as physical but the work involves lifting and moving patients or care home residents on and off beds and wheelchairs.  Some care home residents can be quite heavy.  Proper technique when transferring a resident will help, but there’s no getting around the heavy lifting required.  So you will need to speak to your health and fitness if you want to land the job..


Fit But Forgetful

Here is where most job applications fail, when they are asked about their fitness they usually respond simply with “I’m quite fit”. That was a good answer, but if you want a great answer you need to support this answer with some examples of what you do as a part of your exercise routine. No I don’t mean that you explain your entire p90x workout regimen. What I mean is that you should tell them for example about the Soccer League that she play in twice a week.  Another good tip here is to mention this but refer to your resume where you have also included this information under the hobbies section.  Referring to your resume in your response will really reinforce to the interviewer that you are indeed healthy and fit for the work and thus a good person to hire.

Organized CNA

A large and very important responsibility is for you to give the care home residents their medications.  In a busy residence, this can be quite a difficult task to keep a track of.  Hospitals and care homes look for CNA’s that are organized.  It’s important to show the interviewer that you are the kind of person who has a system to stay organized and a system to catch errors.  This is the kind of people they are looking to hire for this type of work.


Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Sample Job Interview Questions


Here are sample Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) job interview questions designed specifically for the Nursing career field.

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CNA’s generally work under the supervision of a charge nurse or physician. Tell me about a time when you did not get along a physician or nurse you had to work with.

What do you do to stay healthy and fit?

Can you demonstrate the proper technique to transfer a resident on/off a bed.

Our certified nursing assistants offer assistance at meal time for our patients, what kinds of unique meal requirements have you had to accommodate? How do you ensure you keep track of each patient’s meal requirements?

As a CNA you will often be discussing care with the patient’s family and keep them updated on care and progress of the patient. Describe a conversation when a patient’s family disagreed with you.

Describe an assignment or situation that required you to meet with others to influence them to cooperate with you. What did you say?

Sometimes patients are not easy to help and uncooperative when providing care. Tell me about a time when you had to work with an uncooperative patient (for example when bathing, feeding, providing medications, etc)

Have you ever written procedures for the department? Describe one of these procedures.

What have you done differently as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) than your predecessors in the position? Why?

A large part of your work will involve giving medications on schedule to our care home residents.  In your last job, what systems or procedures were in place to ensure that all the residents took their meds as per the doctor’s orders?

Have you done any on-the-job training as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)? Give an example. What steps did you follow? How did you prepare for the training and how effective was it?

Have you worked with residents who suffer from cognitive impairments?  How did you adjust the way you interacted with these residents differently?

What safety precautions do you take when helping patients with bathing in bed, tub and shower; grooming or providing dental care?

Suppose a resident is resisting the use of walking with a device, even though they ares supposed to.  How would you persuade them to use the walking device?

When helping to prepare meals for our residents, what do you keep in mind?

Please demonstrate the proper technique for transferring from bed to chair, wheelchair to bed.

When reporting change in mental & physical condition or home situation, what are some of the things you look for?

What is an important thing to keep in mind when making and changing bed/linens; dusting and vacuuming rooms?