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Clinical Nurse Specialist – CNS Sample Job Interview Questions

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Working With Different Cultures

With immigration, our communities are increasingly becoming more culturally diverse.  As a result, nurses are required to work with many different populations.  This is the reason why hospitals are looking for applicants with experience working with patients from diverse cultures.  Leading hospitals and clinics look for nurses who can be sensitive to a patient’s culture.  In your interview, make sure you can speak to your background working with or having knowledge of different cultures.  This can be as complex as knowing the health issues for a specific culture, culturally specific dietary issues, and thus recommending diets appropriate to cultural practices.   Even something as simple as letting the interviewer know that you can greet someone in various languages can go a long way in making the patient feel more comfortable and less anxious.

So what if the previous hospital you worked for did not have a diverse patient population?  Does this mean you will fail your job interview miserably?  Don’t count yourself out so quickly.  Even experiences travelling abroad can be helpful to show that you have some knowledge of different cultures.  So don’t be afraid to see your traveling experience as a way you improved your cultural competency.

Collaborating With Health Care Professionals

Since nurses work closely with a team of multi-disciplinary health professionals, leading hospitals look for those with collaborative disposition.   For sure, you will be asked questions designed to assess your ability to work well with others.  An example of the most common question to assess this quality is for the interviewer to ask you, “tell me about a time when you didn’t get along with someone you worked with”.  Most people fail this question miserably by responding with that they get along with everyone missing the entire point of the question.  An answer like this either makes the interviewer doubt your honesty or does very little to build confidence that you have conflict resolution skills.  So when you respond to this kind of interview question, incorporate into your answer how you have had disagreements, but show your ability to consider different perspectives and resolve conflict with persuasion and negotiation.

Clinical Nurse Specialist – CNS Sample Job Interview Questions


Here are sample Clinical Nurse Specialist – CNS job interview questions designed specifically for the Nursing career. Be sure to check out more Nursing interview questions.

Describe your experience with supporting the achievement of hospital and nursing strategic goals.


Give me an example of when you had to alter your communication and approach based on a patient’s culture.

How would you utilize your nursing leadership to ensure quality patient outcomes?

What do you know about ensuring the standardization of practices and identify and addressing practice issues?

In your view, what is the most important aspect of acting as a resource to navigate the rehabilitation journey in such areas as diabetic management and infection control? Why?

Our hospital serves a culturally diverse population.  Our patients come from many different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds.  How have you prepared yourself for working with this patient population?

What do you find most challenging in the management of rehabilitation and medically complex patients. Why?

This job will require Jobs differ in the extent to which technical expertise is required. When have you been satisfied/dissatisfied by the opportunity to use your technical expertise? Why? What did you do you to

When have you had to provide clinical consultation to medical and nursing staff.

How do you ensure success when you providing clarification of goals and outcomes, treatment options, and patient/family involvement?

Tell me about a difficult person you worked with as a nurse.