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Health Care Job Interview Questions – Certified Nursing Assistant

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Recently, we prepared a client for their Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA job interview.  Below are a few of the job interview questions we used to prepare her for her Certified Nursing Assistant job interview.

Depending on the employer and department, Nursing Assistants may also be called:

  • health care aide
  • hospital attendant
  • long term care aide
  • nurse aide
  • nursing attendant
  • orderly
  • patient care aide
  • patient service associate
  • psychiatric aide

Certified Nursing Assistant Job Interview Questions

Why should we hire you for this CNA position?

Certified nursing assistants spend a lot of time walking and moving about.  They must have sufficient strength to turn, lift, and assist patients with movement.  Do you have any concerns about meeting these physical requirements?

How has your previous work experience and education prepared you to be a CNA?

Why do you want to serve this city/region?

A Certified Nursing Assistant needs to be persuasive. Sometimes patients are unwilling to follow your directions and resist your help.  Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an uncooperative patient?  How did you persuade the individual to cooperate?

List five qualities required to be a great certified nursing assistant.  Which one are you weakest in?

CNA’s must have the willingness and ability to follow orders and work under pressure.  How do you think you will handle working under these conditions?

Certified Nursing Assistant must be able to follow orders from doctors and nurses. Tell me about a time when you were asked by your superior to do something that you didn’t believe in.  What did you do?

Some of the duties of a nursing assistant involve performing unpleasant tasks like recording the amount of oral intake, measure urinary output, and collecting specimens for tests.   How have you prepared yourself for this?

If you have an interview coming up soon, be prepared.  It is impossible to memorize every possible interview question and answer.  As such we teach our job seekers methods and answering strategies that can be applied to any question type.  For more information on how to answer these questions, please see our related posts and resources below.  Until next post, we truly wish you much luck and success in your careers!