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Licensed Practical Nurse Sample Job Interview Questions

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Employers are looking for LPN’s who are well experienced so when you are asked about your background with something like assessments, ensure you include your entire experience.  So here is your chance to elaborate , even something like assessments can be diverse.  For example, speak to your background with completing restraint assessments, pain assessments, oral assessments, psychotropic assessments, bowel and bladder assessments and I & O weekly evaluations.


If you speak another language, this is the time to mention it.  Since LPN’s work with usually a very diverse population with patients who speak many languages, a nurse who is bilingual is always a valuable asset.  So often when a patient is scared, uncooperative and so forth this problem is magnified when there is a language barrier.  Bilingual nurses are such a valuable asset to have on a team to help with patient communication.

Basic Bedside Manner

Many nursing applicants walk into the interview focusing on answering the technical nursing questions.  This is a natural worry for many nurses, but don’t forget to have a few answers to speak to your bedside manner.  Be ready to speak to how you connect with patients.  Give some examples of memorable patients and describe how you create a connection with them.  Lastly, don’t forget to explain how you create a clean, safe, orderly and comfortable environment.  Patients in a good environment do better and so make sure you talk about how you do this.

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Describe your experience with substance abuse treatment programs.

Our hospital serves a very diverse population. How have you prepared yourself to deal with patients from various backgrounds?

Suppose you learned that your fellow LPN was taking shortcuts and that a prescribed plan of care was not being followed for a patient. What would you do?

During admissions of a new resident, how do you initiate care plans

Communication skills are important since part of the job is notifying the resident’s attending/alternate physician, as well as the resident’s legal guardian/representative, when the resident becomes critically ill, injured, etc. or there is a change in condition.  Rate your own communication skill and provide an example that supports this.

What are your ideas for developing, reviewing, revising and updating resident Plans of Care for individual residents.