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Nursing Manager Sample Job Interview Questions

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Leadership in a Unionized Environment

Nursing managers need to manage people, budgets, inventory and so forth. very often nurses work within a unionized setting. As such not only do hospitals look for nursing managers with leadership experience, but management experience within a Union shop. Make sure in your job interview that you describe your experience on topics such as performance management, hiring, scheduling, and firing in a union shop.  Work into your job interview your knowledge of common collective agreement clauses. So what if you have not had experience managing unionized nurses?  A great way to get some experience is to volunteer as a shop steward or take part in management Union committees.  This shows an employer that you take initiative, have interest in administration beyond your current role as a nurse.  It is a very good way to build your experience on managing a team of nurses within the Union environment.

Nursing Care Standards

One of the main responsibilities for a nursing manager is to ensure that his or her team of nurses provide care that meet certain standards.  Thus it would be wise to have examples of when you have led your team to meet standards whether or not these examples come directly from a similar role.  A common interview question for Nursing managers is, “describe the kind of standards of care that you had to me meet”.  “How did you know that your team met standards?” Here you want to make sure that before you launch into specific departmental but metrics that you explain briefly what does metrics are and what systems were in place to help you with monitoring and reporting.  What you want to do is to show the employer that you have a strong grasp of the metrics for nursing care, and show your regular process to review them.  In some cases, it could be a paper trail, audit systems and so forth all designed to monitor service standards. Further what hospitals really looks for is to hire a Nursing manager with a proactive approach rather than reactive approach when it comes to meaning nursing care standards.

Nursing Manager Sample Job Interview Questions


Here are sample Nursing Manager job interview questions designed specifically for the Nursing career field.

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Describe your experience with inventorizing and ordering medical supplies and materials.

What experience do you have hiring, firing, disciplining unionized nurses?

How do you know if your team is meeting standards of care?

Describe the Blood Borne Pathogen policy as well as injury and safety policies that you have had to enforce?

What do you find most challenging when providing functional and technical assistance to MAs and LVNs. Why?

Part of your job is in assisting in training, orienting and coaching new team members.  How do you monitor their progress?

In your view, what is the most important aspect of coordinating in-service education for team members? Why?

What are your ideas to promote communication with and among nurses and physicians.

What is your approach to providing coaching/recognition to nursing staff regarding their performance?