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RN Nursing Supervisor Sample Job Interview Questions

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Leadership Style

 One of the first things you’ll be asking your job interview is to describe your leadership style. This is because your main responsibility is to lead the nursing team and supervise all the activities of your nurses.  One very common question you will be asked to assess your leadership style will simply be, “describe your leadership style”. It is important that you understand what most employers are looking for here. A really strong answer would be to indicate that “you lead by example“. But then give the interviewer some real life examples of you leading by being a good example for your team.
Another great way to speak to your strong leadership is to show how you can take leadership in any situation.  A really good exercise for you too complete before your job interview is to think back on your career as a supervisor and recall moments of crisis or emergency. Describing when you’ve taken control during a crisis or emergency is one of the best ways to show that your leadership skill is well suited for the hospital environment. Hospitals look for nursing supervisors who can remain calm under pressure.

RN Nursing Supervisor Sample Job Interview Questions


Here are sample RN Nursing Supervisor job interview questions designed specifically for the Nursing career field.

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How would your former employees describe your management style?

Describe your experience with administering treatments and performing routine laboratory tests under supervision of Physician.

How do you avoid mistakes when performing electrocardiograph (EKG), pulse oximetry, inhalation treatments and operating other equipment?

What do you find most challenging when documenting time, dosage and route on patient’s chart. Why?

What do you know about interviewing patients, measuring vital signs, pulse rate, temperature, blood pressure, weight, and height, and recording information on patients’ charts?

What are your tips for initiating intravenous lines, adding plain IV fluids to existing peripheral lines and discontinuing lines?

How do you teach nurses to always ensure chart readiness for physician? Why?

Tell me a bit more about your background with preparing treatment room for examination of patients, assisting physician with procedures, cleaning examination room and sterilizing equipment.

How do you ensure success when you demonstrating competency in insertion and maintenance of urinary catheters, administering prescribed medication orally or by injection (subcutaneous, intramuscular, intradermal)?


Have you created any procedures or policies for nurses, patients or other health professionals? Give an example.

Tell me about when you have seen a nurse violate a safety or security regulation. What did you do?

What would be the top skills and traits you would look for if you were to hire a Nursing Supervisor?

What did you have to learn to be effective at your previous job? How long did that take? Which pans took the most time?

Describe how you would handle rude, difficult or uncooperative patients.