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Open Job Interview Questions

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Open questions are designed to encourage discussion from the candidate. They are typically used at the beginning of an interview to make the applicant feel more comfortable or following another question for further exploration. him easy way to remember one open question is, is to recall that these questions typically are used to “open” an interview. That is to say, these questions are used often to begin an interview and get the candidate talking.

Open questions are also used to get an applicant to provide more information about a topic once the interview has begun.

Here are some examples of open ended job interview questions:

  • Why should we hire you?
  • Describe your experience in….
  • What experience to have in…..
  • What did you learn from…….
  • Why did you do……
  • What was your reasoning for doing……
  • How did you go about choosing this action……………

How to Answer

Here the interviewer is looking for more of a discussion, not a yes or no answer. so make sure that you answer the question with a bit of discussion and not and yes or no answer. However, make sure you do not ramble and for the interviewer to death. The rule of thumb is to provide five bullets or five points that can be answered in about 3 seconds. For example, to answer the question, “tell me about yourself” you should provide about five points to describe your education and experience, and relate them to the job description. Here is an example, “I have 8 years of experience in human resources, my areas of expertise include Labor Relations, recruitment selection, human resources information systems. I hold bachelors in psychology at diploma in human resources,and I am fluent in Spanish, English and French.”


I will cover each of these common open-ended interview questions later.