Operations Interview Questions

I have compiled a list of awesome sample job interview questions for a variety of operations jobs. Study these questions in preparation for your upcoming job interview. Be prepared and get a better paying job, earn a better income and work in a field you love.

Operations management is a great industry and offers an exciting career. Where else can you be directly dealing with the delivery of products and services and see the end results of your work? Secure a challenging position and earn a better income with these sample job interview questions.

What are the major training and development needs of the people in your department? How did you identity these needs? What have you done to address them?

How successful are you? How do you know?

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Bonus Questions

  • When judging the performance of your subordinates, what factors are most important to you in our job?
  • How do you involve subordinates or customers in identifying performance goals and expectations? Give an example.
  • Have you ever delegated any assignments that didn't get completed on time? Did you have any warning that they wouldn't be completed? Tell me about a specific situation.

Daily Interview Tip

Before the interview, take the time to re-read your application and CV and identify what it is about you that makes you a great potential employee. When asked to talk about your weakness admit responsibility and accept constructive criticism. The information interview allows you to collect information tailor-made to your specific needs.