Operations Interview Questions

I have compiled a list of awesome sample job interview questions for a variety of operations jobs. Study these questions in preparation for your upcoming job interview. Be prepared and get a better paying job, earn a better income and work in a field you love.

Operations management is a great industry and offers an exciting career. Where else can you be directly dealing with the delivery of products and services and see the end results of your work? Secure a challenging position and earn a better income with these sample job interview questions.

Are you willing to relocate or travel?

Are you willing to relocate?

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Bonus Questions

  • What decisions are the toughest for you to make? Why? Give an example.
  • How would you clarify an unclear assignment?
  • What is your favorite website?

Daily Interview Tip

Make sure you prepare career stories ahead of the interview that show you excel in the key qualities or skills required for the role. Keep a mental list of your accomplishments. Think about challenges you've faced and how you dealt with them. Remember times that you've been a problem-solver. Consider mistakes that you've made as learning experiences. Call or visit the organization and ask for the latest brochures, annual report and other publications.