Operations Interview Questions

I have compiled a list of awesome sample job interview questions for a variety of operations jobs. Study these questions in preparation for your upcoming job interview. Be prepared and get a better paying job, earn a better income and work in a field you love.

Operations management is a great industry and offers an exciting career. Where else can you be directly dealing with the delivery of products and services and see the end results of your work? Secure a challenging position and earn a better income with these sample job interview questions.

Organizations differ in the extent to which they recognize people for their accomplishments. Tell me about a job in which you were satisfied/dissatisfied with the amount of recognition you received. Why? Give an example.

How did you develop rapport with customers, coworkers, and people from other parts of the organization at your last place of employment? Give examples.

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Bonus Questions

  • How have you prepared yourself for this job for our company?
  • Give me an example of a time when you worked with team members in deciding each person's task.
  • Think of a meeting you recently led. How did the meeting start? What did you say or do?

Daily Interview Tip

Thorough research and preparation help you counteract even the most unprepared or untrained interviewer. Focus on the challenges of the role, and give examples showing that you have the skills and experience to succeed. Job interview questions are designed to assess knowledge, ability and skills. If asked about a previous work mistake or failure, be honest if you can.