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Pharmaceutical Machine Operator Sample Job Interview Questions

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Pharmaceutical Machine Operator Sample Job Interview Questions


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Here are sample Pharmaceutical Machine Operator job interview questions designed specifically for the Pharmaceutical career field.

do you know anyone who works for us?

Have you ever led a meeting as a Pharmaceutical Machine Operator in which one or more participants were not serious about its purpose? What did you do?

Can you think of a time as a Pharmaceutical Machine Operator when your standard approach to problem solving didn’t produce the desired solution? What did you do?


What is your experience with diagnosing, repairing and modifying Pharmaceutical manufacturing machines?

Different conditions, such as noise, strong fumes/odors, grease or oil, as well as the need to wear safety equipment, affect some workplaces. Tell me about a time when you experienced any of these conditions and how you felt about it. Why?

Describe your knowledge of auxiliary equipment including mechanical, electrical, electronic (basic), hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Part of your job may involve welding, including Oxy/Acetylene, Arc welding and TIG welding. Tell me about your experience with welding.

What computer programs have you worked with?

As our Machine Operator, you will need to complete equipment installation qualification and operation qualification. What is your background in this area?

We are looking for someone with a strong background with reading interpreting drawings and schematics. What is your training in this area?

What techniques have you found as a Pharmaceutical Machine Operator most useful in training and developing subordinates? Give an example.

What procedures do you use to organize information in your work area? Tell me about a time when the procedures worked. When they didn’t work.

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