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Pharmacy Delivery Person Sample Job Interview Questions

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Pharmacy Delivery Person Sample Job Interview Questions


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Here are sample Pharmacy Delivery Person job interview questions designed specifically for the Pharmaceutical career field.

do you know anyone who works for us?

As Pharmacy Delivery Person, you will have to be able to follow directions to make your deliveries. Tell me about the most complex instructions you have had to follow. What made it so complex? How did you handle this?

Our Pharmacy values a professional image. How would you help us present and maintain this image?

This Pharmacy does not own it’s own delivery vehicle. Our drivers are compensated for gas and mileage. Do you own your own car?

How would you describe your own driving record? How many tickets, points, and infractions have you had in the last 2 years?

Part of your job when not making deliveries will be to put out daily prescription orders and doing some register work. What is your experience with these responsibilities

Tell me how you keep meetings on track as a Pharmacy Delivery Person. Give a specific example.

What have you done differently as a Pharmacy Delivery Person than your predecessors in the position? Why?

What steps do you take to ensure customer satisfaction? Give examples.

How do you ensure that you use selling skills to make a personalized sales presentation to a physician?

Tell me about a time when you have had to build rapport, handle objections, and establish customer needs.

What techniques have you found as a Pharmacy Delivery Person most useful in training and developing subordinates? Give an example.

Some jobs provide the opportunity to be creative and figure out new ways to accomplish tasks. Tell me about a time when your job offered just the right amount of creative opportunities. Why was that the right amount?

When have you had to make a difficult presentation to present a solutions to meet a customer needs and close for increased business.

What computer equipment (pc, laptop, MAC, word processors, Dictaphones, memory typewriters, etc.) can you operate? How were you trained? When? How often do you use them?

Tell me about a time when you missed a deadline on a delivery as a Pharmacy Delivery Person. What were the causes? What did you do?