Postal and Courier Service Job Interview Questions

Got an interview with Canada Post, FedEx, UPS or United States Postal Service (USPS)?  Below are job interview questions designed specially postal service and courier service type jobs.  We encourage you to prepare for your job interview with these questions.  Until our next post, I wish you much luck and success in your goal of landing a great career in the postal and courier industry.

Be sure to check out these Postal and Courier Service Job Interview Questions.

What three character traits would your friends use to describe you?

Not everybody becomes successful at their jobs. Tell me about one of your employees who failed to become successful. What was your role in trying to develop this person?

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Bonus Questions

  • Tell me about a time when your enthusiasm dropped after an especially long workday. When did it drop? What did you do?
  • If you were at a business lunch and you ordered a rare steak and they brought it to you well done, what would you do?
  • What technical training have you received? Can you give some examples of how you've applied this training?

Daily Interview Tip

Try to probe into the company culture in the interview. Asking "what do you like about working here?" can reveal interesting aspects. It always a good idea to bring a note pad or something that you can take notes with in your interview. During your interview take notes if you can.