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Property Manager Job Interview Questions

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Most employers look for the Property Manager to oversee all operational, maintenance and financial aspects of residential and/or commercial properties. He/She is responsible for managing both leasing and maintenance teams as well as resident service, collections, revenue enhancements, capital improvements, information reporting and vendor management. Below are a few job interview questions for the property manager.

Property Manager Job Interview Questions

As a property manager you should have the experience in all marketing aspects. You will be responsible for keeping properties occupied with qualified tenants through advertising, lead follow up, property showings for prospective tenants. Describe what steps you take as a property manager to find qualified tenants? Give us an example of your most recent property marketing task?

Tenant Relations is key task as a property manager. Tell us about your experience in developing and maintaining the following aspect of a Property manager: rental agreements, selects qualified tenants, collects deposits and rents, enforces terms of rental agreements, resolves tenant complaints, oversees eviction proceedings if necessary.

Facilities management is an ongoing job for a property manager. In order to manage well, you should have experience in schedules maintenance and repairs, negotiating contracts with vendors, regularly inspects property to ensure it is in good working order, and quickly resolves emergency maintenance issues. Please describe a few examples of your property management maintenance and repair experience?

Describe the most difficult situation you have had to deal with in your day to day property management tasks. How did you deal with the situation (e.g. Difficult clients, vendors or multiple concurrent tasks etc.)?

The property manager has to be meticulous when it comes to book keeping. You should have written records of all property bills filed away and issue receipts whenever rent is collected from tenants. Please tell us more about your day to day financial tasks and experience? What type of financial records did you keep and maintain?

A good property manager always seems to have ready access to cheap and reliable 3rd party property services so that he/she can slash the rental bills and maximise the returns of his rental properties. Describe a few situations where you were able to rely on your contacts to complete tasks for a discounted price on time?

Property Manager can be called by MANY job titles. Here are some job titles related to the Property Manager:

  • building maintenance head
  • building maintenance manager
  • building operations manager
  • building services head
  • building services manager
  • director of maintenance
  • director, facility management
  • facilities maintenance head
  • facility maintenance manager
  • facility management director
  • facility operations manager
  • maintenance and service manager
  • maintenance and service superintendent
  • maintenance co-ordinator
  • maintenance director
  • maintenance manager
  • maintenance operations manager
  • maintenance services manager
  • manager, building maintenance
  • manager, building operations
  • manager, building services
  • manager, facility maintenance
  • manager, maintenance
  • manager, maintenance and service
  • operations manager, maintenance
  • property manager