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Real Estate Agent Job Interview Questions

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Acting as agent for the buyer or seller, real estate agents facilitate the sale or purchase of commercial land, houses, condos, etc.  Typically real estate agents for an agency like Remax, Royal LePage, and so forth however there are many that are self-employed working for themselves.

If you are a Real Estate Agent and have an upcoming interview, then you should read this post.  Below are some job interview questions for Real Estate Agents.

Real Estate Agent Job Interview Questions

Successful Real Estate Agents need to be persuasive. Tell me about a time when you persuaded someone to do something who was not initially accepting. What was it the circumstances? What did you do to persuade the person?

What have you learned about selling real estate during your career? Give some examples of how you have used this knowledge.

What have done since getting your Real Estate license to improve yourself in your career? How have you increased you knowledge in areas related to real estate? (e.g. such as mortgage, lending, zoning, construction, etc.)

Often in our real estate agency, you will find yourself balancing multiple demands simultaneously. How do you go about determining how to prioritize your time?

What is your proudest accomplishment as a Real Estate Agent? Why?

List 5 traits that are required to be a successful Real Estate Agent. Of these, which one represents your greatest weakness?

In real estate, we have all worked with unrealistic clients. Tell me about a time when you worked with a buyer or seller or other professional whose expectations or demands were unrealistic. How did you handle this as an agent?

Attention to detail is very important as a Real Estate Agent. While you may have administrative support, ultimately you have to approve real estate contracts. How do you ensure all the details are attended to and no mistakes are made when you draw up sales agreements and contracts?

Here are other job titles realated to Real Estate Agents.

  • commercial real estate agent
  • real estate agent
  • real estate broker
  • real estate sales representative
  • residential real estate agent
  • supervisor, real estate agents