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Dental Billing Receptionist Job interview Suestions Sample

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Here are sample Dental Billing Receptionist job interview questions designed specifically for the Receptionist career.
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why do you want to work here?

Describe your experience with verifying dental insurances.

How do you avoid mistakes when greeting and checking in patients?

What do you know about collecting patient payments?

What qualities do you think make a great Dental Billing Receptionist?

What do you find most challenging when working with young patients. Why?

What types of negotiating techniques have you used as a Dental Billing Receptionist? Describe a situation in which you used them.

What are some major company issues that affect you and other work groups? How do they affect your work group? How do they affect other groups?

Have you taken any steps to improve your skills or performance as a Dental Billing Receptionist?

What do most new staff forget to do when helping with dental billing?

In your view, what is the most important aspect of working on unpaid claims and approvals? Why?

Tell me a bit more about your background with confirming patients, pulling and filing patients records .

How do you ensure success when you training staff on ez dental software?