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Dental Office Receptionist Sample Job Interview Questions

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Here are sample Dental Office Receptionist job interview questions designed specifically for the receptionist career.
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Describe your experience with case presentation and educating patients that dental health leads to a better quality of life .

How do you avoid mistakes when verifying insurance benefits?

Do you hold radiation safety certification?

What do you know about following up with patients about pending treatment?

What do most new staff forget to do when building good rapport with patients and staff?

In your view, what is the most important aspect of checking in/out patients? Why?

Tell me a bit more about your background with discussing insurance coverage, cost of services and financial options with patients.

How do you ensure success when you Scheduling appointments?

What qualities do you think make a great Dental Office Receptionist?

What do you find most challenging when . Why?

When negotiating with others, it’s always important to present your views. Tell me about a situation when you did this.

What decisions have you made as a Dental Office Receptionist? Can you give some examples?

What is the corporate vision of your current company? In what ways have you made this happen in everyday activities as a Dental Office Receptionist?

Have you suggested any new ideas to your manager recently? Give examples. What happened to the ideas?

How do you stay informed of what is going on in your area of responsibility as a Dental Office Receptionist? Give an example.

What do you like best about your former job as a Dental Office Receptionist? Why? Give examples.

What software, equipment and tools can you operate? How were you trained? When? How often do you use them?

Have you ever set up a course of action to accomplish a long-range goal or vision as a Dental Office Receptionist? What was it and how did you set it up?