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Medical Receptionist Sample Job Interview Questions

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Here are sample Medical Receptionist job interview questions designed specifically for the Receptionist career.
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how have you prepared yourself for this role as a Medical Receptionist?

Describe your experience with preparing, filing and organizing patient charts according to appointment times.

How do you avoid mistakes when updating the call center appointment program, processing patient payments and calling patients to confirm appointments?

What do you know about ensuring that opportunities to understand and meet patients’ current and future desires for Lifestyle Lift procedures are maximized. ?

What do most new staff forget to do when making a waiting room inviting to patients and effectively communicates with patients who are entering and exiting the center?

In your view, what is the most important aspect of maintaining the inventory of office and medical supplies including promotional materials? Why?

Tell me a bit more about your background with identifying and addressing patient’s needs and concerns.

How do you ensure success when you assessesing patient wait times versus appointment time and proactively relays the findings to the patients.

What qualities do you think make a great Medical Receptionist?

What do you find most challenging when answering multiple phone lines in a friendly and professional manner while logging calls/messages. Why?

Sometimes we’re given assignments that aren’t interesting. Tell me about a time when this happened to you. What did you do?

Can you think of a recent decision you made as a Medical Receptionist that wasn’t in line with an organizational policy, procedure, or system? What was the decision? How did you find out about the conflict?

Have you found any ways to make your job easier as a Medical Receptionist? Give examples.

Some jobs provide the opportunity to be creative and figure out new ways to accomplish tasks. Tell me about a time when your job offered just the right amount of creative opportunities. Why was that the right amount?

What typing operations haven’t you done/can’t you do? Why? Give an example.