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Research Before Your Job Interview

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Doing Your Homework Pays

How many times have you had no response for employers in a job interview when they ask you if you know about their company or if you have any questions? Surprisingly enough, in the majority of job interviews we have conducted over the years, most job seekers usually have no response. This does not leave a very good first impression with employers, since you didn’t take the time to research about the company you wish to work for. Most job seekers forget the importance of research when preparing for a job interview. They spend so much time practicing interview techniques and questions, that research is usually forgotten or not considered important.In fact, company research should be one of the biggest priorities when preparing for the job interview.

What To Know Before Your Next Interview

Knowing about a company’s history, products, services, accomplishment and projects etc. will always impress the employer and help you stand out from the other candidates. Take the time to write down notes and questions from information you have gathered from the company’s web site. Have this information with you when participating in the job interview. Here is an article that outlines some valuable guidelines to keep in mind when researching a company online before your job interview. We have also created articles that contain where you will learn effective techniques through interactive exercises and demonstrations. Using actual clips from real applicants, you will have the opportunity to see first-hand common mistakes made and obtain practical tips for improvement