Restaurant Server (At A Bar) Sample Job Interview Questions

Server (At A Bar) Sample Job Interview Questions


Here are sample Server (At A Bar) job interview questions designed specifically for the Restaurant Server career field.

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how have you prepared yourself for this job as Server (At A Bar) for our company?

What experience working in bars?

In this setting, it is not uncommon to be propositioned romantically or hit on. I would like to see how you handle such a situation. Let’s role play a scenario where I am a drunk patron asking you out on a date.

It’s common for meetings to get off track. Describe a time when you were leading a meeting and this happened. What did you do?

This job requires you to work nights and weekends. Can you meet this requirement?

What types of proposals have you written? Tell me about one of these proposals.

How have you changed the job as a Server Bar since coming to your present employer? Why and how did you make these changes?

Sometimes people don’t respond well to a performance improvement discussion. Could you give an example of a discussion as a Server Bar that didn’t turn out as you had planned. What happened?

What bar operations haven’t you done/can’t you do? Why? Give an example.

How did you decide which clients to see last week? Explain.

We don't always work with people we'd consider ethical or honest. Have you ever seen another employee do something that you thought was inappropriate? What did you do?

Sometimes strict organizational policies make it very difficult to get our work done. Can you think of a time when you had to bend a rule to get your work done more efficiently?

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Bonus Questions

  • Describe your most disappointing experience in attempting to gain upper management's support of an idea or proposal. What was the situation, and why was it disappointing?
  • Do you take work home with you?
  • Have you ever been in a highly uncertain or ambiguous work situation? Explain. How did you react?

Daily Interview Tip

It's hard to overturn a negative first impression. Select references who will comment fairly and positively. Before giving a reference, ask permission to use them as a reference. When the interviewer is trying to find out what school credentials you have. Summarize both your school qualifications and experience.