Server Hotel Restaurant Lounge Sample Job Interview Questions

Server Hotel Lounge Sample Job Interview Questions


Here are sample Server Hotel Lounge job interview questions designed specifically for the Restaurant Server career field.

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What is your experience with opening and closing bar, hosting guests, conversing with guests?

Have you written any project reports? Tell me about the best report you wrote in our job as Server Hotel Lounge. Why did you think it was the best?

We maintain high standards of quality. How do you go about ensuring food and cocktail consistency, cleanliness?

Unfortunately, some solutions don’t always correct problems. Can you think of an interesting solution you generated as a Server Hotel Lounge that did not correct the problem? What was the solution? How did you come up with the idea?

Tell me about a situation in which you sent information or materials/products by the most appropriate means (tax, overnight or same-day mail, UPS, etc.) to ensure a customer received them when needed?

We’ve all been in situations in which a subordinate disagreed with the goals set for him/her. Tell me about a time as a Server Hotel Lounge when a subordinate didn’t agree with the goals. What went wrong? What did you do?

Tell me about the time when your course load was heaviest. How did you complete all of your work?

Why are you better than your co-workers?

What are the most stressful aspects of your job? Why? How do/did you react to them?

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Bonus Questions

  • why did you go back to school?
  • What are some of the most stressful interactions you have had with customers, employees, peers at work? Describe the situation and your actions or reactions.
  • How long were you at your last job before you felt at ease with the products or services. Tell me about one of these products or services and how you learned about it.

Daily Interview Tip

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