Retail Job Interview Questions

In this article I’m going discuss with you common job interview questions used in retail and how you can prepare your answers.  Preparation is to key to success in your retail job interview.  Knowing how to answer a job interview question can be difficult, but if you follow the tips below, you’ll be sure to ace your interview and show the retail manager that you’re the one the hire.

It’s All In The Details.

I can’t think of another job where details matter more than in retail.  For this reason, you can be sure to expect a job interview question related to your ability to pay attention to the granular aspects of work.  High-profile retailers pay attention to details, such as are the hangars all facing one way, aren’t close folded in the same way and in the same size, or all the tags and descriptions looking uniform and accurate, etc.  So it is important that you are able to show an employer that you are detail oriented.  The best way to do this is to prepare some notes before your interview.  Think back to all the times, all the school projects, all the work assignments where you had to keep track of a lot of details and pay attention to the finer points.  Write down your former work experience where you had to do all this and be sure to note the success that you achieved.  By doing this, you will be well prepared for this kind of question.

Customer Service Is King.

In retail, customer service is King.  Successful retailers know that their business depends on the kind of service that you deliver as a sales associate or the kind of service that your staff delivers if you were interviewing for a retail manager position.  Because of this all retail job interviews, assess your customer service orientation.   How should you answer these type of questions? Jot down a few examples of where you went above and beyond for a customer.  In addition, if you have received any customer recommendations or letters of commendation from management, make sure that you bring this to your job interview.  Make a portfolio with all your customer service awards, customer letters of appreciation, and documents of recognition from management.  Showing a potential retail employer, the quality of your customer service will go a long way in helping you secure the job.

Communication And Conflict Resolution.

Strong communication skills are so important in the retail industry.  Retail professionals are required to deal with angry and sometimes unreasonable customers.  Skilled retail professionals are able to handle the situations professionally and leave a positive impression on the customer.  How do you answer a job interview question designed to assess your communication skills?  The best way to answer this kind of question is to have an example of when you dealt with a very angry customer.  For example, you could be dealing with a customer return or a customer with a very unreasonable request.  Showing how you handled this difficult customer situation with your communication skills will make you look like a retail Pro.  And make sure that you explain the successful result that you’re able to achieve, which was a win-win for both the customer and the retail employer.

Know the Questions Before The Test

I have compiled job interview questions specific to many common jobs in retail.  These interview questions are used by many high profile retail employers, recruiters and so on.  We profile interview questions for retail jobs including Customer Service Representative, Customer Service Agent, Customer Service Clerk, Merchandiser, Retail Sales Associate, Inbound Customer Service Representative, Retail Sales Associate, Marketing Coordinator, Retail Merchandiser, Marketing Manager.

How much time does your job require you to commit to outside obligations social, civic, etc.? How have you reacted to this? Give examples.

What was your biggest failure?

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Bonus Questions

  • What software did you use at your last job? How often?
  • If you were promoted tomorrow, would there be a qualified replacement? What steps have you taken to help develop him/her? What is this person's readiness or promotion?
  • What skills do you bring to us and how can you put them to work?

Daily Interview Tip

A great way to research the job is to scour industry blogs, trade publications, the company website or LinkedIn page; set up Google alerts for news and use Twitter to find information. A great way to prepare for your job interview is to find out everything you can about the specific position When asked, "Why don