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Costco Cashier Sample Job Interview Questions

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Costco Wholesale is a high volume mass retailer with hundreds of locations across Canada and the United States.  Working at Costco can provide many benefits such as a diverse work experience with many departments including Fresh Foods, Photo Centre, Pharmacy, Optical Centre, and more.

Below are  Costco Cashier sample job interview questions.  To prepare for your next interview, read these Costco Cashier sample job interview questions in advance of your next interview. Prepare an example to back up each of your responses, because a good  Costco Cashier job interview answer becomes a great job interview answer when it is backed up by a recent work example. So be prepared to provide a recent work examples.

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Well we hope you find these Costco Cashier sample job interview questions helpful.  Until our next post, we wish you much luck and success in your Costco Cashier interview!

Costco Cashier Sample Job Interview Questions

Costco is a large and busy retailer, as such our Costco Cashiers must be able to thrive in fast-past environments.  Tell me about a time when you had to work in a fast-paced environment while delivering excellent customer service.

Strong ethics is required for Costco cashiers as they handle with large amounts cash.  Suppose you see a fellow cashier ringing up some items for his or her friend and you notice that some items were not rung through at the checkout.  How would you handle this?

Describe your experience handling cash.

Basic mathematic aptitude is required for a Costco cashier.  What level of mathematics have you completed?

A Costco Cashier must have a basic aptitude with computers since the point of sales registers are all very computerized.  Described your experience with computers.

Costco hours of operation and your shifts as a cashier may include evenings, weekends and holidays.  Are you able to meet this requirement.

What skills or experience do you have that make you suited to be a Costco Cashier?