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Retail Associate Sample Job Interview Questions

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Retail Associate Sample Job Interview Questions


Here are sample Retail Associate job interview questions designed specifically for the Retail career field.  Be sure to check out more sample Retail job interview questions and answers.


do you know anyone who works for us?

Let’s role play a typical retail sales scenario.  Suppose I am a customer and your job is to sell me this pen.

Describe an assignment that required you to meet with others to influence them to cooperate with you. For example when handling all returns/exchanges courteously and professionally. What did you say?

Communication is key to the job as retail associate, for example when explaining information to the customer about the quality, style, fabric and fit of the merchandise. Have you ever written instructions for other people? Tell me about a time in our job as Retail Associate when someone followed your instructions easily. When someone was unable to follow your instructions.

Unfortunately, some solutions don’t always correct problems. Can you think of an interesting solution you generated as a Retail Associate that did not correct the problem? What was the solution? How did you come up with the idea?

Describe a situation in which you involved/enlisted others to help solve a customer’s problem. What was the problem, and how did others’ involvement help?

What techniques have you found as a Retail Associate most useful in training and developing subordinates? Give an example.

Some jobs provide the opportunity to coach and instruct others as a Retail Associate. Tell me about a time when you had to coach others and were satisfied/dissatisfied. Why?

Has your boss ever asked you to redo something? How often? Tell me about one of these situations.

What procedures do you use to organize information in your work area? Tell me about a time when the procedures worked. When they didn’t work.