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Walmart Store Associate, Service Associate, Cashier Job Interview Questions

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A Walmart service associate is the front line worker who helps customers find products, explain product features, helps with returns or exchanges, or rings purchases through the cash register.

Being a mega retailer, Walmart has many departments including electronics, grocer, tire, lube express, apparel, and so on. As such, a Walmart service associate will have the opportunity to workunder many different retail departments.

If you are want to gain employment with this retail giant, you will need more than a stand out resume. Sharp interview skills will give you a valuable advantage your quest. Below are job interview questions designed specifically for the Walmart Store or Service Associate position. To prepare for your interview, review these questions carefully, consider response, and most importantly have an example ready. Remember, a good job interview answer becomes a great job interview answer with an example!

Walmart Store Associate, Service Associate, Cashier Job Interview Questions

Why do you want to work for Walmart?

As a Walmart associate, cashier, etc. you will be required to work a flexible retail schedule, which may include nights and weekends. Are you able to meet this requirement?

Customer service is a priorty at Walmart and our associates understand the importance of delivering excellent customer service. Tell me about a time when you had to help a customer with a purchase, exchange, return etc who was angry, upset and perhaps even abusive. How did you handle this situation?

Working for Walmart provides you an opportunity to work for many retail areas. The departments include: Front of the Store, Merchandise Unloader, Stocker, Electronics, Lawn & Garden, Grocery, Tire & Lube Express, Apparel, etc. Sometimes, you may be required to work for another department and quickly learn new information. Describe a situation where you had to adjust quickly to changing work conditions, departments, or priorities. How did you react to this change?

Customers from various different backgrounds shop at Walmart. How has your previous education or experience prepared you to handle this diverse customer population?

What makes you a great Walmart service associate?

How do you stay organized with your work? What methods, techniques or tools do you use to make sure you don’t forget the details when you work?

Ethics and integrity are very important in the Walmart retail environment. Suppose you saw an employee giving a discount to a friend. How would you handle this?

As a Walmart cashier you will need to be able to do basic math and handle cash. Tell me more about your cash handling experience. What level of math have you completed?