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Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Job Interview Questions

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Pharmaceutical Sales Representative is responsible for calling on health care professionals in assigned sales territory and communicate product advantages, features and benefits. All sales are done via phone or in-person and the pharmaceutical sales representative acts as spokesperson in fostering the company’s reputation and image. The pharmaceutical sales representative is responsible for selling and promoting products in a highly professional, ethical and knowledgeable manner and complies with applicable laws in providing physicians with pharmaceutical samples and literature. Below are a few job interview questions a job seeker may be asked during an interview for a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Job Interview Questions:

Scenerio: You are newly employed as a Pharmaceutical sales representatives and your job is to introduce yourself and distribute products and information to various physicians, medical technicians etc. These professionals are quite busy, so how do you go about introducing yourself and persuading doctors to try your product over other competitors?

Scenerio: Most doctors are very busy, and pharmaceutical sales representatives usually have no more than five or six minutes with them. In that time the representative must describe their company’s newest products. Pretend I am the doctor and you have to sell me a pen. give me a quick introduction to the new product and convince me as to why your product is better than others?

Pharmaceutical sales representatives must have a basic knowledge of how the human body works. They must also have some understanding of disease and pharmacology (the study of drugs and their effects on humans), because doctors will question sales representatives about drugs and their side effects. How do you go about remembering a variety of products? What tools do you use to educate yourself on products?

Prioritization and goal setting is very important as a pharmaceutical sales representative. What tools do you use to prioritize your daily and weekly goals? Describe a situation in which you had various urgent tasks to complete at one time, how do you go about completing all these tasks?

This position as a pharmaceutical sales representative in primarily sales oriented. You will be required to give presentations to doctors and various other medical staff, cold-call doctors, pharmacists, and other medical staff to setup appointments and work with a sales team to develop strategies to approach potential customers and garner sales. Please provide us some information about your previous sales experience? What makes you a good sales person? How do you go about building rapport with customers? Also, give us an example of how you have dealt with a difficult customer?

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative can be called by MANY job titles. Here are some job titles related to the Pharmaceutical Sales Representative:

  • diagnostic instrument sales representative
  • hospital equipment sales representative
  • hospital equipment salesperson
  • medical equipment and supplies salesperson
  • medical instruments sales agent
  • pharmaceutical sales representative
  • pharmaceutical salesperson
  • surgical supply salesperson

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