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Sales Account Executive Job Interview Questions

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You have a Sales Account Executive job interview coming up and not sure what type of questions may be asked? Well, then you should read this post because below are potential job interview questions for a Sales Account Executive job that we have created for a Human Resources perspective .

Depending on the particular employer, department and industry, Sales Accounts Executives may also be called:

  • internet communications manager
  • web communications manager
  • web marketing manager
  • advertising director
  • advertising manager
  • corporate sales manager
  • key account manager
  • director, communications
  • director, media relations
  • director, public relations
  • fund raising campaign manager
  • manager, e-business
  • marketing manager
  • promotions manager
  • regional sales manager
  • sales and marketing manager

6 Sales Account Executive Job Interview Questions

The ability to set financial goals is vital to a Sales Account Executive.  Tell us how you accurately forecast annual, quarterly and monthly revenue streams for yourself or your team?

How has your background prepared you for this key account manager position?

Planning is essential to a Sales Account Executive role.  Tell us about some specific sales plans you have developed for a previous employer to ensure revenue growth in all company’s products/services.

Communication is important in this Account Executive position, especially when dealing with external customers. What has been the largest group you have presented to? How did you maintain their interest, what learning material did you provide?

The ability to build strong business relationships is vital to be a successful Sales Account Executive.  Give us an example of a top-notch client you have had? What did you do to cultivate and maintain long-term relationships with them?

A Key Account Manager must be persuasive.  What has been the most difficult face to face sale you have had to make? What did you do or say to get the customer/company to buy?

Tell us about a sales proposal you have been involved in where you did all the review, editing and writing?

As an Account Executive,  what is your greatest achievement in sales?  Why?

How would your clients, colleagues and supervisors describe your work as a Sales Account Executive?

Why should we hire you as our Sales Account Executive?

As our Sales Account Executive, what do you see as your greatest priority if we were to hire you for this position?

Where do you see the greatest potential sales opportunities for our department?

How Did We Create These Key Account Manager or Sales Account Executive Questions and How Should You Answer?

The interview questions you see above, are created using the same methods we used as corporate HR professionals.

We are always looking for new jobs to create interview questions for, so if you have a request let us know. If you enjoyed this post, we invite you to visit this site regularly for updated articles.