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What Makes You Think You Are Qualified For The Job?

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This has to be one of the most common job interview questions used today.  Similar variations of this question include, “Why should we hire you?” or “What qualifications do you have that would make you successful in this job?

Of course the key to answering this is to summarize 3 to 5 points from your qualifications that speak to the employer’s requirements.  You can find the job requirements on the job ad but also from the job interview as well.

For example, in one interview I conducted I asked the applicant “What makes you qualified for the job?”.  The applicant mentioned that in our interview I indicated that the job requires adaptability.  This applicant then provided an example of when he had to adapt to quickly changing work situations.

But of course this is not the only way to answer this question.  In the clip below, a young guy dressed like a financial advisor or a software programmer goes into the interview looking very serious. When the interviewer asks, “what makes you think you are qualified for this job?“, the applicant starts screaming wildly to help his friend who is waiting to be interviewed next get the job.

I have to tell you, after watching this video, I don’t I will ever be able to keep a straight face when I hear the interview question, “What makes you think you are qualified for this job?”.

So maybe the next time you are interviewed for that job as a financial advisor, software programmer, or accountant, and you are asked “Why should we hire you?”  Make sure to get your friend to apply too 😉

This job interview video proves that all you need is a bit of fear and some great friends to help you beat the competition in your next job interview. And with friends like this, you will never be unemployed.

This is a really funny job interview video, enjoy.

photo by PSD

Photo by quinn.anya