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Situational or Hypothetical Job Interview Question

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Hypothetical questions are designed to assess how you would act in certain situations. Common applications are to assess ethics in workplace settings or job-specific knowledge in certain work situations. Hypothetical questions usually begin with words like if, suppose, or pretend to set up a hypothetical situation and then ask how you would handle it.

In these examples, the interviewer is not only looking to assess your business ethics but also how you deal with others. Therefore, your answer should show ethical behavior as well as tact and discretion. So when answering these questions, describe all the things you considered along with the steps taken to reveal your attitudes, knowledge, thought processes and so on.  so another words, hypothetical or situational questions are designed to assess what you decide to do and why.

So make sure you include your rationale for your actions.  is important that you described not only what you considered but how you went about making this decision in terms of involving others, analyzing data, engaging your boss, colleagues and so forth.

Photo by North Charleston